Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reserve my wedding date?
After you contact us we will go over pricing, coverage and the contract. Your wedding date is reserved with payment of the retainer fee and signature of the contract.
Can you hold a date for us?
Unfortunately, no. Bookings are done on a first come/first served basis. Once your retainer and signed contract in hand, your date is held! From that point we do not accept any more inquiries for your date.
Do you have insurance?
Of course! Who doesn’t? =) Some venues require a certificate of insurance, which we can provide upon request.
Do you deliver every picture you take?
No. While we don’t have a “set” amount of photos that we deliver, we cull the files to eliminate pictures where someone blinked, aunt Susie stepped into the frame, etc. These files are discarded during the editing process. What we deliver is the very best of your wedding day! 
How long does it take to recieve my photos?
We require up to six weeks to edit and deliver your wedding photos, though the wait time is sometimes shorter! Engagement sessions take up to two weeks to deliver.
What kind of equipment do you use?
We use top of the line Canon DSLR bodies, lenses and lighting. We believe in having the best tools for the job!
Should we feed you?
That would be very nice! Because of the pace and scheduling of a wedding day we rarely have a chance to stop and eat anything. Some caterers provide “vendor meals” or you can include us in the guest meal. It prevents us from falling over with the hunger in the middle of your reception! Our only request is that you make sure your caterer knows we should be fed at the same time you are. This way as soon as you are done eating so are we, so we can continue your coverage.  
Do we receive the RAW, unedited files?
RAW is a file type that comes out of the camera with no color, contrast, sharpness etc, settings applied. We edit these using software to create the final product, jpeg files. Because they are unedited they do not represent our style or brand, and therefore we do not release RAW files for any reason.